Terry Crews


Actor – Expendebles, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This Old Spice spokesmodel is quickly becoming the unofficial mascot for the custom built PC gaming community, building his own PC with the advice of the community and publishing a curated Steam Games List “The Best PC Games Out There”. Crews is active in the community, tweeting pics and often bragging about his PC specs and hardware.

Taylor Hicks


American Idol Winner, Season 5

This American Idol winner once entered EVO, a Super Smash Bros tournament held annually in Las Vegas. Though he finished dead last at rank 257th, we still consider it admirable that he tried (plus we’re pretty big Smash Bros fans ourselves).

Matthew Perry


Actor – Friends

Friends co-star Matthew Perry wasn’t coy about his love of Fallout 3, so much so that it landed him a voice-acting role in the sequel Fallout: New Vegas. Perry supposedly clocked around 400 hours in Fallout 3, and gifted Ellen Degeneres a signed copy on her show (for charity), which someone ended up unknowingly purchasing for $5 at a used game store not many months later.

Mila Kunis


Actress – That 70’s Show, Family Guy

In ’09 Kunis admitted that she clocked so many hours playing World of Warcraft that she eventually had to force herself to stop. The WoW message boards lit up with excitement over the fact that anyone of them could have been questing through Azeroth with Jackie from That 70’s Show.

Gordon Hayward


NBA – Utah Jazz

An avid and vocal League of Legends player, who’s bragged that no other major sports athlete can defeat him… in LoL. He’s mingled and gamed with some of the top competitive eSports teams in the franchise.

Tay Zonday


Internet star – Chocolate Rain

Chocolate Rain singer Tay Zonday is a dedicated Hearthstone and Overwatch player (Blizzard fanboy?), achieving a season ranking as high as 6 in Hearthstone (top 3%), and currently level 84 in Overwatch.

Jack Black


Actor/Musician – King Kong, School of Rock

It’s no secret that Jack Black games, but not everyone knows how hilariously spiteful of a gamer can be. Back in ’09, Black considered Project Gotham Racing 2 to be so unfairly difficult that he had to conquer it on expert difficulty just so he could tweet a picture of his achievement to the creators of the game (while giving them the finger).

Daniel Negreanu


Poker Champion

One of the best poker players in the world also loves to play and stream Hearthstone. He started playing in 2015, and was paired up for a match at Blizzcon with other world famous poker player, and accomplished StarCraft pro, Elky. Nigerian won 3-1.

Peter Serafinowicz


Actor – Guardians of Galaxy

This english born actor, and star of Guardians of the Galaxy, is an outspoken fan of the Dark Souls franchise. Introduced to the first Dark Souls game by friend and Irish TV/Comedy writer Graham Lineman, Serafinowicz has expressed his love for the game stating “it soon became the best video game I had ever played.” And like Matthew Perry’s admiration for Fallout 3 landed him a key voice-acting role in the Fallout: New Vegas sequel, Peter Serafinowicz found himself lending his voice for the main protagonist in Dark Souls II.



Celebrity Musician/DJ

A die hard fan of all things gaming related, Deadmau5’s Twitch channel is divided up between making music and playing Rocket League. Deadmau5 also has Shigeru Minamoto’s signature tattooed on his arm (Nintendo Co-Founder and creator of both Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda).