1. Laughter

Easier said than done, right? However, you don’t need other people to get a good chuckle in. Put on your favorite comedy movie or stand-up routine. You’ll feel better for doing it.


2. Exercise

This is the last thing you probably want to hear, especially when you feel like crap. Thankfully, you don’t have to hit the treadmill or go for a run to get that endorphin release. Dancing, swimming, playing sports and even punching your pillow are all forms of exercise. Click HERE for more unique ideas to get your heart rate up.


3. Sleep More/Get Better Sleep

A lot of parents just rolled their eyes at this one. Sleeping in for some of you just isn’t an option, but when you go to bed can be. Put your phone away and try to go down an hour earlier than you usually do. Here are a few tips from the Mayo Clinic on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

4. Listen to Music

Listening to music that makes you want to dance causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. Death metal, gangster rap or Adele probably won’t do the trick. Here’s a list of 100 party songs that will put a groove in your step.


5. The Great Outdoors

Much of our unhappiness come from manmade sources (breakups, financial problems, etc), so it makes sense that nature can help remedy some of our woes. Go for a hike, swim in a lake, visit the beach, or hang out in your backyard. It’s been scientifically proven that looking at nature activates the parts of our brains associated with happiness and positive thinking.

6. Practice Self-Care

When we’re feeling low, we tend to neglect our appearance, health and hygiene. Learning to take care of yourself can minimize stress and keep you healthy. Start small by taking a hot bath or getting your hair done. Buy something you’ve always wanted or get a massage. Here are more examples of ways to take care of yourself and improve your happiness.


7. Practice Gratitude

Studies have shown that regularly writing down what you are grateful for increases happiness and decreases depressive symptoms. You may not think you have anything to be grateful for, but there is someone in the world who would much rather be in your shoes. Running water, a roof over your head, good weather, friends, family, a job, etc. are all things to be grateful for.


8. Spend Some Money (Wisely)

Don’t run out and buy the latest trends or something you’ll never use or wear. The key is to buy something that will continually bring you happiness. Get that dress that fits perfectly and will never go out of style. Invest in a hobby you love. Buy something that will alleviate stress, like a nicer mattress or a book. Here’s a list of some other purchases that are more likely to bring you happiness.


9. Spend More Time with Friends or Family

Be sure to pick the friends and family members you actually like. Reconnect with old friends you’ve lost touch with. You could all go for a hike to triple your happiness intake (nature + exercise + friends = lotsa happiness!)

10. Eat Happy Foods

These foods can actually bring you joy: clams, pomegranates, yogurt, coffee and, of course, CHOCOLATE. Of course, you should probably eat them in moderation.