Summer is finally here, and no fruit goes better with the warm weather than watermelon. In 2014 the US produced 120,000 acres worth of watermelons, totaling an estimated weight of 3.2 billion pounds, that a whole lot of melon.

We’re scoured the internet for some of the newest and funnest ways to serve up these delicious red-centered summer treats, and put together this list that you can try yourself. There’s even a “curveball” or two (or should we say “melonball”)?

1. Magic Melon Smoothies

Make it look like your watermelon is magically filled with blended melon slushy! All it requires is a hand blender and hole cut into your melon (which you can sneakily conceal with a grocery store sticker). Don’t forget to garnish each glass with a small slice or watermelon!

2. Perfectly Skinned

By carefully carving up two watermelons, you can make it look like you perfectly skinned your watermelon with only one cut. This trick will drive your guests mad trying to figure it out.

3. Jello’d Melon

Bring a jello melon to the party by halving and hollowing out a watermelon, filling it with red jello, and letting it sit over night.

4. Melon Sorbet

Using a hollowed out melon and an ice cream machine (or a pre-purchased watermelon sorbet), you can pack the melon shell full of watermelon sorbet to look like it naturally came off the vine full of watermelon ice cream. Try tossing in a few blue berries to look like seeds, or serving the slices on popsicle sticks for a fun appearance.

5. Sculpted Melon Centerpiece

If you’re handy with- well… Your hands, then you should try crafting your watermelon into a bold centerpiece. Although cool looking, I doubt I’d have the skill or patience to carve even a convincing jack-o-lantern face into my melon.


6. Watermelon Pizza

I’m not a huge fan of pineapple on pizza, which is what I initially pictured when we heard “Watermelon Pizza”, but this twist on a traditional fruit salad had me frothing at the mouth. And the best part is no dishes!


7. Watermelon Cups

For some tiki-party flair, turn a personal sized watermelon into a disposable, biodegradable drinking cup full of any fruit-flavored beverage you choose.


8. The Melon Keg

A staple at stag parties, the melon keg isn’t much different than making Magic Melon Smoothies. You just need a spare tap on hand, and there are many DIY solutions for that.

9. Melon Jerky

Apparently you can bake your own melon jerky, which can make for a fun garnish or a healthy snack on-the-go.

10. Rubber Band Roulette

Turn a watermelon and a pack of rubber bands into a high-pressure game of chance, the loser is the last person to place a rubber band around the watermelon causing it to burst open. The aftermath is delicious.


Thanks for reading! If you have any unique or crazy watermelon ideas of your own, be sure to share them in the comments below: