“Sweetie, here’s that XGAME 360 you asked for. Would you believe I got it on sale for $39.99?”

xgame 360 xbox knock off fake

You DO NOT got a friend in me.

toy story knock off fake buzz lightyear woody

Darth Vader riding a police motorcycle. That makes sense.

knock off star wars toys

Magic Sewers? Is that where the Ninja Turtles live?

magic sewer toy knock off sewing machine

Speaking of Ninja Turtles, we don’t have any here, but you can always get a New Style Ninja Tortoise.

ninja turtle knock off tortoise

You have to wear one of these. Pick one.

obama backpack sonic hedgehog harry potter shrek 2 hulk

“Mom, what’s wrong with Thomas?”

thomas train knock off tomas transformers

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