1. Smile

No one likes a sour puss. The results of this study showed that people were not only more attractive when they smile, but also that less attractive people who smiled were considered more attractive than attractive people who weren’t smiling at all. Follow that? Anyway, just smile!

2. Be a Good Listener

According to a survey in Men’s Health, women rate being a good listener as the most attractive trait in a mate. A similar survey among men rated being a good listener as #4 on their list of qualities they find attractive in women. Next time your out, put your phone away and listen.

3. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact heightens intimacy and makes you appear more trustworthy and empathetic. If you’re worried about looking creepy, this may put your mind at ease: according to this scientific study, the ideal length of time to make eye contact is 3.3 seconds. So hold for 3.3 seconds, look away, look back for 3.3 seconds, look away…


4. Physical Touch

No, this does not give you permission to touch everyone in any way you want. Studies show that physical touch may make you appear more trustworthy and connected to those you are close to. This can be a supportive hand on the shoulder, a hug or holding hands. Physical touch can release oxytocin (aka the cuddle hormone) and reduce the effects of stress.


5. Validation

Let’s not confuse validation with flattery. It’s not attractive to shower someone with compliments… in fact, it may come off as creepy and insincere. Validation should come at times when someone has accomplished something or done something exceptional or beyond the norm. Validation shows that you are paying attention and, let’s be honest, we all like it when someone pays attention to us.