After a year of relative silence, we thought Lindsay Lohan may be turning over a new leaf. If you can remember as far back as 2010, then you probably recall that Lindsay Lohan went from being famous for her acting career to gaining attention for arrests, drug and alcohol abuse and other erratic behavior. One minute she’s a lesbian, the next she’s admitting she’s slept with dozens of high-profile actors in Hollywood.

lindsay lohan arrest mugshot passed out

But then it all stopped. The arrests ended and the cries for attention vanished. The tabloids stopped running stories about her and instead forced the Kardashian/Jenner clan down our throats. There was speculation that Lohan was turning her life around. However, the stories released in the past week say otherwise. Lindsay Lohan’s comeback looks a whole lot like the old Lindsay–and no, we’re not talking about Disney movie Lindsay.

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