In a matter of two weeks, Lindsay Lohan has skyrocketed back to the front page of gossip magazines and celebrity websites. And all of it is bad news. First she’s pregnant and not only is she pregnant, but she’s smoking and drinking while pregnant.

Lindsay Lohan pregnant drinking smoking

But, according to her mother, she’s NOT pregnant. No, it was just a misunderstanding that happened after a public fight between Lohan and her fiancé Egor Tarabasov. Here’s the video:

Lohan claims her fiancé cheated on her and has been physically abusive. She also states that they are still together and will probably get married.

Now onto our final bit of Lohan attention.

lindsay lohan wardrobe malfunction

If there was a book titled, “A Celebrity’s Guide to Getting Press Attention”, then the first chapter would be titled, “Show Some Boob.”

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