If you can remember back to 2011, then you may recall the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal. The ex-congressman was caught texting sexually explicit photos of himself to a woman following him on Twitter. He eventually admitted to sending racy photos of himself to six different women over the course of three years. When the scandal broke, Weiner had been married to his wife Huma Abedin for less than a year and she was pregnant with their first child.

Anthony einer gross sexting photo woman

You would think such a scandal would put Weiner in his place, especially since his wife gave him a second chance, but as the saying goes, “once a weiner, always a weiner.” It was announced today that Anthony Weiner has been caught yet again sending explicit photos to a woman whose name isn’t Huma Abedin. To add even more scandal to the situation, Weiner’s wife Huma currently serves as vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. At least Clinton and Abedin can relate on the subject of unfaithful husbands.

huma abedin hillary clinton anthony weiner sexting

Huma Abedin and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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