CopperCab is now claiming he is transgender. From the short hair to the poorly executed makeup to what is clearly his grandmother’s blouse, CopperCab wants us to believe he is transitioning into a woman, but we’re not falling for it. Before you get your panties in a twist, check out CopperCabs’ other videos for further evidence that Michael Kittrell is really out to fool you all.

If you look through CopperCab’s other videos, he seems to get pissed off at just about everything that is trendy and he gets A LOT of YouTube traffic for it. If you’re new to the game: YouTube traffic = $$$. From getting pissed that Gangam Style may have hidden anti-American lyrics to his outrage over Apple not having a ginger emoji, many of his outbursts are so over-the-top, there is no way they are sincere. Plus, the hair in his new photo is clearly photoshopped.

Kittrell has earned a lot of fame and fortune off playing the character of an angry white knight/social justice warrior and this is just another stunt. Still, it is pretty entertaining.

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