We’ve heard it over and over again: celebrities, they’re just like us! Turns out, this statement is false. They’re worse. Despite their penchant for crime, they don’t do as much time as the rest of us common-folk. Still, at least our mugshots aren’t posted all over the internet.

First up, let’s check out some actors and actresses with a history of breaking the law.

Bill Cosby

bill cosby arrest mugshot rape

From sitcom dad to serial rapist, Bill Cosby has been accused by over 60 women of sexual assault. Due to statute of limitation laws, Cosby has avoided being charged until December 2015 when he was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault. His pre-trial hearing is set to occur in September 2016.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen HIV arrest mugshot

Charlie Sheen sure loves whores and cocaine. While some may feel sorry for him for his recent admission to being HIV positive, there is no doubt that the man has caused a whirlwind of destruction for many around him, including his children. Sheen was most recently arrested in 2009 for assaulting his wife. He was sentence to 30 days in rehab.

Chase Crawford

chase crawford arrest marijuana texas mugshot

Someone got high in Texas and paid the price. Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford was arrested outside a Texas bar for having a single, unlit joint. Crawford cut a deal with the court. The charges would be dropped if he agreed to 24 hours of community service and good behavior for a year.

Emile Hirsch

emile hirsh arrest mugshot

In 2015, Emile Hirsch was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and intoxication after he attacked Daniele Bernfeld, a movie executive. Witnesses report that Hirsch was drunk when he put Bernfeld in a chokehold. The charges were eventually reduced and Hirsch was sentenced to 15 days in jail, 50 hours community service and to pay a $4,750 fine.

Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan arrest drugs dui mugshot

It seems inappropriate to put Lindsay Lohan in the actors/actresses category since that’s not really what she’s known for any more. What she’s known for is getting arrested. Lohan has been arrested for DUI, misdemeanor cocaine possession (she pleaded guilty and served less than a day in jail), theft and violating her probation. Other punishments for her crimes include probation, 15 days in jail and an alcohol-monitoring bracelet.

Nick Nolte

nick nolte mugshot funny bad

Perhaps the worst mugshot ever taken, Nick Nolte looks like he was struck by lightening and dipped in a public toilet. Nolte was arrested in September 2002 and charged with driving under the influence. He pleaded no contest and was given 3 years probation. GHB was also found in his system, which, if you don’t know, is a date-rape drug. Not sure what to make of that…

Daryl Hannah

daryl hannah mugshot arrest plastic surgery

With at least 5 arrests under her belt, actress Daryl Hannah doesn’t seem very phased in her mugshot. On the bright side, the 55 year old actress isn’t being arrested for getting drunk and driving the wrong way on the freeway. No, her frequent arrests are due to protesting, including her most recent protest against the Keystone Pipeline. This woman loves planet earth.

Robert Downey Jr.

robert downey jr arrest mugshot drugs

It’s hard to admit, but Iron Man has done prison time. Robert Downey Jr. has been arrested numerous times for drug-related charges including (gasp!) cocaine, heroin and marijuana. He spent 15 months in prison after a parole violation. Downey says he’s been drug free since 2003.

Shia LaBeouf

shia labeouf arrested mugshot

Remember the good ol’ days when Shia LaBeouf was just a goofy kid from the Disney Channel? Now he can’t decide if he wants to be an artsy hipster or a filthy criminal. LaBeouf has been arrested several times, including assault with a deadly weapon, DUI, criminal trespassing and, more recently, in 2015 for public intoxication. The Disney Channel really does screw people up.

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