Country music starlet Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are the latest celebrity mega-couple to grace the cover of every tabloid magazine. This leads us to wonder… What would their baby look like?

To get that answer, we hired one of America’s greatest digital composite sketch artists, and we’ve asked him to help us visualize what a little Hiddleswift could possibly look like. But we couldn’t stop there, we had to see what ALL of Miss Swift’s previous flings would look like if they mated! So here it is, in chronological order, Taylor Swift’s composite offspring with all of her previous celeb-hunk hookups:


Joe Jonas + Taylor Swift = J Swift

In 2008, according to the Taylor Swift Wikia,Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas (of Jonas Brothers) dated. This was Taylor’s first taste of high-profile Hollywood dating, and the relationship lasted only three months before the two broke up over the phone. It’s rumored that this relationship was the inspiration for Swift’s song Forever & Always.

1a-taylor-jonas 1b-taylor-jonas

She looks nice… Or is it a he?

Taylor Lautner + Taylor Swift = TayTay

Almost a year after her breakup with Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift started dating Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner, after meeting on set of the movie Valentine’s Day. The pair also lasted only three months, and the relationship is said to be the inspiration for Swift’s song Back to December.

1a-taylor-lautner 1c-taylor-lautner

What a lovely young lad… y?

John Mayer + Taylor Swift = John Maylor Swift

Taylor Swift and musician John Mayer dated from November 2009 to February 2010, lasting almost four months. Their relationship is supposedly Swift’s inspiration for the song Dear John.

1a-taylor-mayer 1b-taylor-mayer

We’re glad the only aftermath of that relationship was the song Dear John.

Jake Gyllenhaal + Taylor Swift = Tayllenhaal

Keeping true to her musician-actor-musician pattern, Swift dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010 for barely two months. We’re sensing a few patterns here. Their breakup was said to be the inspiration for Swift’s song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

1a-taylor-jylenhall 1b-taylor-jylenhall We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together… Thank goodness for that!

Conor Kennedy + Taylor Swift = Conlor Swiftedy?

Sorry, we’re running out of creative energy for these name mashups. Taylor, seemingly tired of actors and musicians, dated Conor Kennedy whose claim to fame is being born into the Kennedy family (JFK’s grandson to be exact). They dated for roughly four months and are said to have parted due to long-distance issues. Their relationship apparently didn’t inspire any of songs from Swift.


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