Brazilian natives Regina Murmura and husband Francisco used popular driving-directions app Waze to direct them to an Italian restaurant where they were planning on having dinner with their daughter. Unfortunately the name of the street where the restaurant is located shared the same name with a street in one of Rio de Janeiro’s notoriously violent favela slums.

Upon entering the slum, a drug gang in the area didn’t hesitate to open fire upon the elderly couple’s car. They managed to escape in their car, but Regina later died in a the hospital from internal bleeding and complications caused by the assault.

According to CNN, Husband Francisco blames the Waze app entirely, stating, “The app was responsible for everything. It was the Waze app who led us there. I have no doubt that they are responsible for it.”

A Waze spokesman has stated that they were “incredibly saddened” by the event, and would meet with Rio de Janeiro officials “to understand how the city is addressing the risk of driving throughout Rio de Janeiro.”

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