Rey Mysterio

rey mysterio mask unmasked

The 41 year old professional wrestler has always donned a mask in the ring during his years with the WWE. His real name is Óscar Gutiérrez. He is married with two children.

rey mysterio mask unmasked


kane mask wwe wrestler

Perhaps one of the most frightening professional wrestlers is Kane. But without the mask, he actually looks like a nice guy. The 6’8 professional wrestler’s real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs. He is married with two children and happens to own an Allstate insurance agency. He also has plans to run for mayor in his hometown.

kane mask wwe wrestler unmasked wife

The Masked Magician

Mr. M magician val valentino masked magician

He is the ultimate snitch in the world of magic. You may remember the Masked Magician from the Fox television show Breaking the Magicians Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed. Under the mask is 60 year old illusionist Val Valentino (his real real name is Leonard Monatono). For two years, Valentino revealed the secrets to old and new illusions–much to the dismay of other magicians.

Mr. M magician val valentino masked magician

The Blue Man Group

blue man group

Since the early 90s, the Blue Man Group has entertained sold out crowds with music, colorful lights and lots of paint. Underneath that thick layer of blue paint are the original performers, Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman. Pretty normal looking guys when they don’t look like they’ve tried some blueberry gum from the Wonka factory.

blue man group no paint unmasked

From left to right: Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman, and Chris Wink.

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