Selection Of The Specialist Company To Fix The Pellet Heater

The next step on the checklist is to find a suitable specialist company. On the one hand, these can be recommendations from friends or acquaintances who have already had a pellet heating system installed and are satisfied with the work carried out. On the other hand, the specialist companies listed on Efficiency House-Online are competent contacts. Find out about references from the craftsman in terms of pellet heating, which at best can also be viewed.

At the beginning of the consultation, there should be a recording of the building data collected during an inspection and the consumption data and user behavior. You can expect comprehensive advice from a specialist in exceptionally detailed information on pellet boilers and pellet storage and possible conveying technologies. An expansion with solar thermal energy or the subsequent integration with a water pocket is also an essential advice topic. Feel free to talk through several system concepts.

Funding and financing options should also be an integral part of a consultation. The chimney must also be examined in advance for its suitability for pellet heating to avoid surprises and cost increases later.

Obtain And Review Offers

Ideally, you should obtain at least two, better three, offers, which should include all the components of the pellet heating system on offer, described in detail for easier comparison: In detail, these are the pellet boiler including the built-in burner (type, output, efficiency, emission values, power consumption).

Does the pellet boiler have a combustion-regulating lambda probe? Is there an automatic ignition? How is the ash discharge? Which system is used for the burn-back protection of the preferred pellet boiler?

A detailed description is also necessary for the conveyor system, the pellet store, the heating control, and if planned, the buffer storage. Manufacturer’s data sheets by ecoforest provide a good overview here. It is also important to carefully compare the manufacturer’s warranty terms.

To compare the offers, device costs and installation costs must be listed separately. Is the price offered a fixed price offer? Are the costs for commissioning, including instruction and handover, included? Will the craftsman take over the submission of funding applications? How high are the advance payments? Are they still reasonable?

Anyone who feels overwhelmed here can also have the offers checked by an energy consultant accompanying the construction.


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