Technology – Bad Or Good – Or perhaps is the Jury Still Out?

Many think that technologies are bad because it takes people from the essential things in existence, like family, love and community. This can be a decent argument thinking about the transformative good reputation for a persons species, but clearly all technologies are pretty good.

For example the Rural Poor of Honduras need small things just like a solar power panels for lights for his or her schools, places of worship and septic tanks, or understanding of building them. In areas of Africa, they simply need to learn to drill wells for little villages for that off-wet season. Technology, the most fundamental technology could vastly enhance their lives, also it wouldn’t even take much, somewhat could be wonderful.

Same with technology for the reason that situation bad? Obviously, the counter argument has more details on other conditions, for example mobile phones, computers, iPods, robotics, and the way forward for nano-tech and artificial intelligence. Indeed, it’s unfortunate that humans used we’ve got the technology and power in irresponsible methods like using nuclear energy to construct WMD.

Obviously, the humans study from may be, that is good. Individuals were some serious occasions in World war 2 once the US dropped the foremost and only atomic explosive device inside a war. Later on mankind will unlock all tips for physics too. Many will be so effective that they’ll solve all of the problems with energy, space flight, propulsion, pollution, etc. And now you ask , mankind ready on their behalf?

Well, it depends. Certain elements aren’t ready, other medication is. Can humans be reliable with your power? Again some can, others, well, I’m not so sure. So, who decides? That by itself is a huge responsibility. I believe humans are designed for it, but you will see issues along with a learning curve too. It’s certainly something you should be considering.


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