Go, Go Power Rangers! nuuur neeee ner ner! If you grew up in the 90s, there was a good chance the first thing you did when you got home from school was watch Power Rangers. It’s been 23 years since the show originally aired and many of these cast members we haven’t seen since they were teenagers. Let’s see what they’re up to these days!

Billy the Blue Ranger (Real Name: David Yost)


Known for being the brains of the operation, Billy the Blue Ranger was played by David Yost. Yost, now 47, works as a producer, but still occasionally acts in small roles. He also travels around the country, frequently appearing at comic book and Power Ranger conventions.


Yost is also quite active on social media. You can follow him on Twitter or check out his Facebook page.

david yost billy blue ranger today fans 2016

David Yost with young fans.

In addition to appearing at conventions, Yost is also raising money for a film called The Order. If it makes it to production, it will also star other cast members from the original Power Rangers.

billy david yost blue ranger order movie

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