Nowadays most fireworks shows are controlled by computer programs, and on July 4th 2012, a computer glitch caused a San Diego fireworks display to fire off all of it’s 7,000 fireworks in just under thirty seconds.

San Diego’s yearly firework show, known as The Big Bay Boom, takes place along the historic Port of San Diego. The choreographed show consists of three identical fireworks displays spread out across a fourteen mile distance, and at the time was described as “one of the most logistically complex displays in the world“.

The show is designed to last around seventeen minutes total. However in 2012, over a million attendees were treated to a condensed version of the 30-second spectacle, as captured in this video:

Here’s a few other views captured from various vantage points around the San Diego bay, compiled by Failblog:

The company that produces the show apologized and offered to produce a future show at no cost. Computer glitch or not, it’s still pretty cool looking.