What Is photo editing?

Photo editing is also known as the curator of photographs—the photo selection process itself. When you’re in the editing process, you’re choosing which photograph to go to the next step in a stream, which is most often the treatment. It is common to misuse the term photo editing, such as editing photos in photoshop.

In analog photography, the editing/curating process was done through the negative, proof sheets or even photographs printed in smaller formats, such as 10×15, for example. In some works, with a larger budget available, larger formats like 20×30 was welcome and used. In digital photography, this editing process is done by programs such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Capture One, Photo mechanic, and others available on the market and also in https://photolemur.com/.

What Is Photo Treatment

Photo treatment is usually the second step in a digital photography workflow and consists of making adjustments for improvement. The term is used in Lightroom as a revelation.

A RAW photograph, for example, that comes out raw from the camera (flat), needs to undergo treatment (development) so that the colors, contrast, saturation, and other adjustments deliver a good final look to the photographer and client. So, what many say is editing is the treatment process. It is through the treatment that you will define your color pattern.

  • You may prefer to finish your photo in pastel or vibrant colors;
  • Choose between a lot or a little contrast;
  • The most pulsating or matte blacks, through the tone curve;
  • Burst or “neutral” whites.

All these choices are chosen and applied during the processing of a photograph.

What Is Photo Manipulation

It’s an additional step, which photo shoppers love. After editing and handling your photos, you can choose to manipulate them. The photo manipulation process is the set of techniques to change the characteristics of a photograph, such as scenery, lighting, and effects. Many photographers argue that a manipulated photo is no longer considered a photograph. Let’s not get into this debate, okay?

Regardless of this discussion, photo manipulation is considered an art for those who appreciate and improve their techniques.


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