What is the Difference Between Urethane and Rubber?

Wheel chocks represent essential safety devices in industrial, mining, as well as aeronautics atmospheres. Their proper, as well as sustained use, makes certain that lives are secured! There are multiple kinds of wheel chocks readily available on the marketplace, including those constructed of lightweight aluminum, rubber wheel chocks, timber, as well as urethane. Safety regulations or guidelines do not generally define the sort of material that must be utilized for industrial applications; nevertheless, rubber, as well as urethane, are the two most commonly picked.

A contrast study done reveals that urethane is a more powerful rival than anticipated.

  • Greater hardness as well as adaptability: Initial independent testing revealed, and copied subsequent screening has validated, that urethane chocks have a higher load-bearing capability and are better able to absorb high influences from hefty machinery than their rubber equivalents. Over time, the urethane chocks likewise showed to better withstand severe working problems and extreme weather.
  • Enhanced convenience of usage: Urethane chocks have been revealed to be 20-50 percent lighter in weight than in a similar way sized rubber chocks, offering the simplicity of bringing and transportation. The molding of integrated bring handles has additionally assisted promote the transportation of these chocks.
  • Superior on-site visibility: Amongst the most impactful uses of urethane is the capability to create wheel chocks in high-visibility safety colors, which further aids in correct chock placement as well as increasing awareness for those strolling or driving around equipment protected by these wheel chocks.
  • Expense cost savings: While rubber chocks are originally less expensive than urethane chocks, they must be changed more frequently. This is due to rubber’s rapid degeneration as well as susceptibility to damages.

When compared to rubber chocks of comparable ranking and size, independent testing of urethane chocks revealed them to offer better toughness and versatility, improved simplicity of use, exceptional on-site visibility, and lasting price financial savings.


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